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Sexual sin and magical fixes

Let’s talk about the elephant.

Sexual sin is the big ol’ stinkin’ elephant in the room of the church that no one is talking about. Surveys indicate that more than 60% of Christian men struggle with sexual sin, 50% are looking at porn on a weekly basis and one out of four have had an affair after becoming a christian! From what I know I personally think these numbers are low.

If the statistics are right, then sexual purity is one of the largest issues stopping growth in Christian men, and by extension, the church today. The guilt stops us cold from real spiritual growth and from making the mark God called us to make.

Think this doesn’t apply to you?

Denial and sexual sin go hand in hand: Most Christian men in recovery from sexual sin will tell you, “I believed for years that my problem was under control.” It was only after things got obviously out of control that they realized they’d been in denial.

The way we deal with this problem often makes it worse! Men fear others finding out, so they try all kinds of secret things: praying, trying harder, more church, purging the computer – hoping for a “magical,” once-for-all fix. In many cases, the guilt just heaps up and the sin cycle goes deeper.

If the problem never goes away, then the fix is missing something. Something’s got to change.

Victory is possible! Believing men inside and outside of the church are waking up and kicking this monster’s tail. They’re enjoying long periods, even years of true victory and joy. They are discovering that life can be lived honestly and without shame.

If you live in the Wichita, KS area and have a sexual sin problem I would be glad to point you in the direction of some help. Please drop me an email.

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