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Fire Drills

OK. We’ve talked about denial, elephants, statistics and the fear of discovery of our sexual sin. It’s time we talked about some easy, practical things we can do. Time for some Fire Drills.

Think back to grade school. Remember all those stupid fire drills the teacher made you do? Seemed lame at the time. Turns out it’s really a great idea. Teachers knew that if we plan ahead for a fire, we’re more likely to survive.

This is the key to fire drills: make a decision ahead of time to take some action that tilts things in your favor. The key is to think out a course of action that puts you in the driver’s seat and reduces your temptation.

Here’s how a temptation fire drill works:

– Think now of a circumstance in which you’re often tempted.
– Brainstorm some ways to avoid or reduce the source of temptation and/or the way you react to it. Choose one to try.
– Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you when the time comes, and to help you work it.
– Put it in action.

Temptations come from many angles – you need to have fire drills for each one. Here’s an example…

An almost universal temptation is to look at women as they come and go in high traffic areas in restaurants, malls and other public areas. One solution for this is to physically place yourself in a position with your back to the high traffic area. This way the temptation never presents itself in the first place. Simple dead easy! Anybody can do this stuff.

It only takes a few minutes. Put it in action, try it now. Think of a tempting situation, brainstorm ideas for avoiding this temptation, select one solution and make it a fire drill.

One last thing: the fifth step in a fire drill is to revise as needed. Keep rethinking your plan. Lust is a sneaky, crafty and baffling adversary. It changes tactics as we change and get stronger. Some fire drills need to be tweaked, others strengthened, some dropped and new ones added. It’s a dynamic plan – adapt, improvise and overcome!

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