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Bouncing Your Eyes

Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker and Mike Yorkey in their book Every Man’s Battle describe a strategy they call “Bouncing your eyes.” It has been a very helpful idea for me. The basic idea is to “train” your eyes to automatically react and look away from your temptations. Remember last week’s email on fire drills? This is really just a specific kind of fire drill for your eyes.

You start out by identifying a situation that tempts you, for instance, a jogger on the side of the road. Decide now that you are going to look some other direction. I look at the lines on the road, the other side, the car in front of me or even the rear view mirror. The key here is you look anywhere (safely please) other than the jogger.

Wait a minute! The first look is free right? No. Wrong. Negative. Never! That idea is sheer nonsense invented by a lustful, deceitful heart. If it’s lust, then the first look is never free. It’s the start of a process that leads to full blown sin.

You gotta practice! This is like lifting weights, the longer you train the more you can lift. Don’t expect to be Arnold Schwarzenegger on the first try! The first time your brain is going to scream, it’s gonna hate not looking. You’ve got to keep at it and practice. It gets better with practice.

If you do this enough it becomes an automatic reflex. The other day I had a situation where the gal on TV bent over right in front of the camera. I am certain that the only reason the shot was in the show was to sex it up. It was after my eyes automatically jerked to the other side of the TV before seeing anything that I realized “Hey, I didn’t even have to think about that, my eyes looked away automatically.” Persistence pays off!

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