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Fire Drill – Sunday Church

Lots of guys agree that church is a really tough place to be. Women (and men) are usually dressed to look their best and on their best behavior. If you attend a church with open backed chairs than you will find that thongs can be a problem. Our culture has really slipped in regard to what women wear.

Here are some ideas on how to handle church:

  • Choose to sit close to the beginning of service. If you sit down 15 minutes before service than you have very little control over who sits in front of you. Sitting down right when it begins usually give you the ability to choose where to sit and who is in front of you.
  • Sit on the front row.
  • Take your glasses off.
  • If someone is in front of you that is a problem – get up and go to the back.
  • Sit in a place where you are not in a high traffic area.
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