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Fire Drills – Traveling

Here is another one that I hear quite a few guys do. When they travel some guys are tempted to watch the bad stuff on TV or go out to strip bars or worse. How they deal with this is to line up brother ahead of time to check in with by phone. For some guys it may be first thing in the evening and then later at night. For other guys check in frequency may be every few days. It all depends on the guy, his struggles and the trip.

The key is having  a brother who know you and who cares for you to check in with. It doesn’t have to be the Spanish inquisition, just some gentle questions:

How was your day?

What else are you doing on this trip?

How did your meeting go?

Feeling tempted?

What’s you plan if the temptation hits later tonight?

I’ll be at home tonight but I’ll keep my phone on for you.

Easy thing to do that can make a huge difference.

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