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Sexual Purity Bingo!

Have you discovered Sexual Purity Bingo yet? I’ll bet you have and just don’t know it. If you know me you know that I really like chance. I like to let it all hang out. I find that the best way to get good results in the world is to be free and easy, go with the flow and let the universe bring me good things.

Why go to meetings, meet with accountability partners, set up and keep boundaries and even be honest? I know that I could do these things but isn’t attending meetings an inconvenience? Who has time for accountability anyway? The other guy probably has problems too. And whats with that messy honesty thing? Anyway, who wants to tell others the deep stuff? And boundaries, what’s that about? Come on…God has given us freedom right?

Play Sexual Purity Bingo instead!

Like mold, this problem grows in darkness. Isolating yourself works to help keep you from admitting a problem. It also helps to keep you from learning from others about healthy ways to recover.

All you do is go with the flow. Don’t plan ahead. Tear down your boundaries. Live for the moment! Don’t be honest. Don’t meet with others. All that stuff is such a waste of time and really takes the fun of slips and relapses out of my life.

Consider the prizes if you win!! Loss of relationships. Twisted thinking. Fetishes. Serious incurable illness or death! Divorce. Losing your job! Disgrace for you and your family! Distance from your kids! Living all alone! Always feeling unsatisfied. Grand prize winners could win an all expenses paid stay at a Federal grand resort for years AND a place on the community website list recognizing their accomplishment!

Here’s the rules. Print out the card below. Don’t take any action to deal with your issues. Withdraw from any relationship that confronts you to change for the better. Be patient and self centered. With a little luck you’ll be crying “BINGO” in no time!

By the way…if your game is too slow try this. Look around and give yourself a square every time you see one of these things on TV, magazines or in someone else’s life, especially celebrities. Being a part of the culture always speeds the game up. Anyway, you don’t want to miss out on the fun do you? Print out your card and get with it!

Not responsible for people actually taking this really terrible, awful, lame advice. If you see these issues in your own life please seek help. Sexual sin is no laughing matter that causes terrible human wreckage. You can contact us at victoryispossible@gmail.com and we’ll see if we can point you in the right direction.
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