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What you can do to help stop sexual slavery

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have a friend named Blake. One thing I appreciate about Blake is his passion. He has a youthful, entrepreneurial spirit with lots of ideas, all the time. Blake wrote an excellent email a couple of days ago that discusses the evils of sexual slavery and human trafficking. If you missed it, you may read it here. I’m sure you’ll see his heart for those in sexual slavery. In the end he asks the question “What do we do? Put it out of our minds? Get back to the land flowing with milk and honey? What?” Good question, Blake…

People tend to see pornography as a victimless crime. In their minds they think “What’s the big deal? I’m not actually having sex with anyone. The person in the photo posed of their own free will. It’s a free country and I’m not breaking any laws. The photo is already there so they’re not making it because of me.”

This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let me introduce you to Donny Pauling, a former porn producer. While in the porn business, he became a believer and follower of Jesus. (He left the porn business immediately after his conversion.) Donny now writes a blog and he has a posting here where you can read about the real inside scoop of the porn industry. I have to warn you… it’s graphic.

Guys, the bottom line is this… at Hope Community Church I can virtually guarantee you that one out of every two of you are looking at porn on a somewhat regular basis. Yeah, you heard me: one out of two, fifty percent! Why am I so sure? Those are the nationwide stats that come up over and over again when Christian men are anonymously surveyed. There’s no reason to believe that Hope would be any different.

You know, most men sit and think “Boy, I wish there was something heroic that I could do for the Lord. Most days it’s just get up, work, eat and sleep. If I just knew what it was, I would surely do it.” Well… there is. If you’re a believer, then I virtually guarantee that you are called by God, not by men, to take part in this battle against sexual slavery. How? Stop consuming porn. Live a sexually pure life. If God can forgive a man like Donny, then he can forgive you. You have not sunk too deep that God cannot reach you.

I know… it feels like a very small drop in a very big ocean, doesn’t it? The key you need to understand is that it is your drop. No one else can do this for you. (The Holy Spirit will help! But he needs your cooperation.) Anyway, you gotta realize that the drop we’re talking about is not water, but strong poison. It poisons your soul, your thinking, your actions, your marriage, your relationships with others, your relationship with the Father. This drop poisons your whole life.

If you have tried before to quit before but it just doesn’t seem to stick, then you need help. Usually, men don’t and can’t quit alone. They need the support of others that are quitting as well. If you’re interested in seeking out the confidential support of other excellent Christian men who are walking this quitting journey together, then email me at victoryispossible@gmail.com. It’s totally confidential. I’ll get you to help. Who knows…if we get a big enough response we’ll start a meeting at Hope!

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  1. Blake
    November 20, 2010 at 11:03 am

    Thank for the post VIP! Very encouraging. Very important.

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