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Blake’s email

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hi Guys!

I talked to an old motorcycle racing buddy yesterday for the first time in five or six years. We talked about old times and bikes and guns and I told him I was pretty involved with my church friends and how the times had totally depleted our benevolence fund. Talked about the issues of the day, human trafficking and drugs and such. His comments reminded me of how the people of the world think based on their environment or feelings.  Jokingly I told him I wished it would be okay in the bible to snipe a few pimps seeing how human trafficking is the second most profitable illegal trade now. He has two teen aged daughters and began to get visibly enraged thinking the worst. He told a story about how a predator had hung around one daughter a few years ago. My spirit cringed.

I noticed something though…I didn’t have the hate I once would have. Yeah, I was joking about sniping pimps, but not out of hate…more out of fighting the war.

Then todays article about a 72 year old man distributing 3 million child pornography photos from here in Wichita launches and I think about praying for him. Him? Him and the millions of little kids who even today are being well…it’s really too vile to mention here. But the worst you can think is reality today. Somebody will have their 13 year old daughter stolen from them tonight in the Philippines. In three days she will be in the states under threat of death, doing the unthinkable. Her parents will scream out and pray for her.

What do we do? Put it out of our minds? Get back to the land flowing with milk and honey? What?


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